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Welcome! Love2trade is one of the best free classified websites online that allows you to buy, sell and trade things online and offline.

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To get the most out of Love2Trade, read this quick guide!

Love2trade is a free community that allows you to buy, sell and trade items, simply by trading the items you want for the items you don’t want.

Step 1 List everything you have for sale or trade, as well as all the items you are willing to trade for "wanted items".
Step 2 Browse listed items offered by other members, After you find something you want, simply send them an offer. You can send a trade offer if you own something the other trader might be intersted in, otherwise you can send a cash offer.
You can always add cash to a trade offer to even the trade.
Step 3 The other member can:
  • Accept your offer
      You then confirm the offer and proceed to the item exchange
  • Decline your offer
      You simply move on and start browsing for other items
  • Counter your offer
      You can then accept, decline or counter the received counter offer
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