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Registration & Posting ▲ top
  • Do I have to register?
    You can browse & search ads without registering, however if you want to post free ads, send free offers or contact other members you will then need to register a free account with us.
    We only require your name, email address, and location. We keep it simple, you can provide us with your phone number and upload a picture to be displayed on your profile if you choose.

  • Is it free to register and post ads?
    YES! At Love2Trade you can register, post ads, send offers & accept offers absolutely free!
    We do however charge a small fee for extended ad listing & additional ad features that would help market your posted ad so its better noticed. Click here to view pricing.

  • What are premium features?
    Premium features are additional features that will help sell / trade your item faster, they can be purchased for a small fee. Click here to view details and pricing information.

  • Is there any restriction on the ads posted?
    Yes. There are a few items/services that are prohibited from being traded or sold. Please read the prohibited item's list mentioned in our policies page

  • How long is an ad listed?
    Free ads are usually listed for 2 weeks. You can however extend your listing for a small fee, please read our pricing table for more information.

Buy / Sell / Trade ▲ top
  • How does trading work?
    When you find something you like, you may
    • Initiate a trade offer with one or more items you've already posted
    • Initiate a cash offer where you simply offer cash for the item you want
    • Initiate a trade + cash offer when you offer one or more of your items as well as cash
    If the total value of one side of the offer has a higher value than the value of the other side, you may request to pay or collect cash from the other member to balance the transaction.
    Member receiving your offer will review your offer and decide whether to accept, reject or counter the offer.
    When both members agree on a transaction, the transaction is considered confirmed and finalized.

  • How do I accept, reject or counter an offer?
    Once an offer is received, you can review the offer details by clicking on the received offer under "My Offers".
    You can then simply click "Accept Offer", "Reject Offer", or "Counter Offer".

  • How long can an offer last?
    An offer will automatically expire if the other member does not respond withing 10 days. If the member accepts the offer you in turn have 10 days to confirm the offer.
    If the member counters the offer you in turn have 10 days to accept, reject or re-counter the offer.

  • Can I send multiple offers to several members?
    Yes. You can send and receive many offers using one or more of your items/services. If one of your offers is accepted or you choose to accept a received offer you are allowed to reject offer confirmation from all other offers involving the items in the confirmed offer, this will not affect your ratings.
    However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you do NOT confirm more than one offer containing the same item(s) that you listed. Failing in delivering an item will result in a negative rating from the other member.

  • Can I post an item to sell it for cash?
    Please read What is "Accept Cash Trades Only"?

  • Can I just buy an item for cash?
    Yes absolutely! simply enter the cash offer amount & don't select any of your items when sending an offer to the other member.

  • What happens if I don't pay the other member or if the other member doesn't pay me?
    Please understand that you are legally obligated to pay the other member at the price / items you accepted. If you don't pay, you will probably receive a Negative Rating from the other member. This will affect your trading reputation. You may get contacted by Love2Trade and your account at Love2Trade might get suspended.
    If the other member doesn’t pay you, try to contact him/her via the contact trader form on the Offer Page to determine the status of the payment. If they do not respond to your email, you can file a complaint with Love2Trade from the contact us page. Please understand that Love2Trade is only a venue and is not responsible for handling goods or services nor for payment for goods and services. You can also apply a Negative Rating to the buyer, this will affect their reputation at Love2Trade.

  • What happens after a transaction is confirmed?
    Simply both members proceed to item/services exchange as agreed between them. It is both members responsibility to complete the transaction by arranging payment and shipping.
    After the items/services are exchanged Both members can now rate their experience (Negative, Neutral, Positive) with the other member.
    Ads for items that successfully trade/sell will get unlisted.

  • What is the meaning of a certain offer status?
    • SUBMITTED Offer was initiated and submitted to the other member
    • REVIEWED Offer was viewed by the other member but he/she had not yet made a decision
    • CANCELLED Offer was cancelled by the member that sent the offer
    • ACCEPTED Offer was accepted by the member that received the offer
    • CONFIRMED Offer was accepted by the member that sent the offer, acknowledging that he/she will proceed with the exchange. This is the final stage of the offer and it acknowledges that both members agree to the exchange
    • REJECTED Offer was rejected by the member that received the offer
    • COUNTERED Offer was countered by the member that received the offer, in this case a new negotiation starts over
    • EXPIRED Offer was expired because either members did not respond within the offer timeframe, (usually an offer is considered expired if a negotiation remains idle for 10 days)
    • PURCHASE PENDING Item(s) in the offer has been purchased but payment has not been confirmed yet
    • PURCHASED Item(s) in the offer has been purchased and payment has been confirmed, at this time items should be delivered or shipped to the buyer

  • How do I know if a member is trustworthy?
    Two things you should consider about any member before initiating any offers:
    • Points, the more points the member has, the more trustworthy he/she is. Learn more about how points are calculated.
    • Trading Reputation, this is a combined view of the total lifetime ratings received by a member. It shows the percentage of Positive, Negative & Neutral feedback received from other members after a confirmed transaction.
    Remember that having no reputation or no points is not necessary a bad thing, it simply means that the member is new and have not gotten a chance to prove trustworthiness.

  • Can I cancel an offer that I sent?
    If the offer you sent was accepted you can simply reject finalizing / confirming it. This will not affect your ratings. To read more on sending multiple offers click here.

  • I received a better offer after accepting a previous offer, can I cancel my acceptance to the first offer?
    You can cancel your acceptance until the other party confirms the transaction. You can do so by visiting the "Offer Details" page of the offer you want to cancel (You can get there by clicking on the offer under "My Offers"). You can then simply click "Cancel Acceptance". This will not affect your ratings.
    To learn more, read the answer to the FAQ Until when can I withdraw from an offer?

  • Until when can I withdraw from an offer?
    You can change your mind at any time and cancel (or reject) an offer until the offer is confirmed by the negotiation sender. After that you are obligated to provide or collect the items in the offer.

  • Can I control how the other member uses the sold/traded item(s)?
    No. An item belongs to the other member once it is traded/sold. They can do whatever they want with it.

  • Can I resell or retrade an item that I got from a trade?
    Once a transaction is finalized & you have received the traded item you can do whatever you want with it.

  • Why does it show "Free Shipping" next to my ad?
    If you choose to accept payments via PayPal© your listing price should include the shipping charges as part of the item's total price.

Ads ▲ top
  • What is Ad Tagging?
    Tags are essentially keywords or labels added to an item that are intended to describe the contents of a specific item so that it can be more easily retrieved and put in a structure. Tags are really just a special kind of attribute that help people searching for an item to locate a your items easily. Generally, when talking about "tagging" means the process of applying tags to content.

    How does it work There are two parts to using tagging on this website. The first is adding tags and the second is browsing the tags: Add tags to items Tagging a page: Navigate to the bottom right of the item page and hover your mouse on the "Add Tag" hyperlink, this will popup a window that you can enter your tags and click save.

    Browse tags to discover content - Click on any tag to see all items that are taged with the same word. Tag format Multiple tags can be entered at one time. Separate each tag with a space, a comma (,) or a semicolon (;) Any other characters will be stripped from the word before it is saved

    [sony sport mp3] becomes three tags: "sony", "sport", "mp3"
    [17" Samsung Flat Screen] become three tags: "17","Samsung","Flat", "Screen"

    Note: During ad search, enter one tag when searching for an item. If you would like to enter several words to make your search more specific, you can do that by entering your keywords in the search term.

  • Ad / Item Reviews, How does it work?
    Reviews are given by other member that own or are familiar with a certain item. They are simply opinions of other members & do not in any way reflect Love2Trade's opinion. They are just intended to help others considering a product to read opinions from people who tried or own a similar item.
    Every month members with the most positive contribution will be rewarded. Responding to "Was this review helpful" next to each review helps us identify visitors with most useful contribution.

  • Ad Flagging, How does it work?
    Flagging allows users to identify inappropriate postings for speedy removal. By flagging you can take action if you feel a posting is inappropriate, by clicking on:
    • Miscategorized - wrong category, discusses another ad, or misplaced
    • Prohibited - violates our Terms of Use
    • Spam - posted too frequently, in multiple locations, or is too commercial
    If a post receives enough negative flags it will automatically be removed (only one flag per person per post is counted). Posters whose postings are repeatedly flagged are subject to staff review.

  • What tips can you give me so I can find what I'm looking for?
    Using the Love2Trade smart search, you can search for items:
    • Using item #, simply enter the item # in the search textbox
    • Simply enter what you are looking for, more information the better chance you will find what you're looking for

  • What's the meaning of the icons displayed next to each ad?
    • Photo Available Ad has an uploaded picture
    • Seller Accepts Paypal © Member accepts Paypal ©
    • Seller Accepts Cash Offers Only Member accepts cash offers only
    • new.png Member is new to Love2Trade and has not earned any reputation points yet
    • Commercial Posting Indicates a commercial posting by a business

  • How do I prepare a picture for upload on Love2Trade?
    Best thing to do after taking a picture of your item using a digital camera is make sure its not too large in size when you upload it. Large pictures usually mean a larger file size, which means longer time to upload. You will see great improvment in upload time if the pictures were smaller in size.
    If you are running Windows XP, we recommend a great FREE tool created by Microsoft called "Image Resizer", you can use it to resize one or many image files with a right-click. You can download this great tool from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx

  • Why do I see some ads listed more than once when I'm searching or browsing ads?
    We allow ads to be listed in 1 categories, therefore some ads are displayed more than once depending on how many categories they are listed in.

  • What is the difference between Relist & Toplist?
    Both relisting & toplisting will re-activate your ad & make it searchable; however:
    Relist: Your ad will be available on the original date the ad was initially listed
    Toplist: Your ad will be available on the current day. This will make your ad appear at the top of the search results when results are sorted by the post date.

  • What is "Accept Cash Trades Only"?
    When posting an ad you can select this option when you only want to accept cash for that specific item listed in the ad. Other members will see Offer Sender Pays Receiver next to your item which will indicate that.
    No 'Trade Offers' will be allowed when this item is the only item in the offer or if all other items included in the same offer are also set as 'Cash Only'. However, trade offers will be allowed if an offer contains several items and at least one item is not a 'Cash Only' item.

  • Why are some ads labeled with "via oodle"?
    If you don’t know about Oodle, it is possibly the nation’s largest index of classified listings. They have more than 10 million classified listings from thousands of sources. We partner with them to provide Love2Trade visitors with access to millions of listings in the US, Canada & the UK.
    Ads that are available from oodle are labeled with "via oodle", these ads are not hosted on Love2Trade therefore these items cannot be traded using the Love2Trade website.

  • What is price compare displayed next to some ads?
    Price Compare simply compares the price of a specific item to prices of other items displayed on the same page. The price difference for items that are more expensive is displayed in red while the difference for items that are less expensive is displayed in green.

Ad Importing ▲ top
  • What other websites can I import my listings from?
    At this time we only support importing listings from eBay. If you have listings hosted on a different website and would like it imported to Love2Trade.com you can send us a spreadsheet with your listings and we would be happy to import it for you. You can send it to [email protected]

  • Do I need to provide my eBay password to Love2Trade?
    Absolutely not! You should never enter your eBay password in any website other than eBay just like you should never enter your Love2Trade password anywhere other than Love2Trade.

  • What is an eBay user token?
    EBay user tokens are generated by eBay to represents the consent that an eBay user has given Love2Trade to access eBay data on his or her behalf.

  • Can I revoke a token after it's created?
    You sure can. A user authentication token can only be revoked by the user from your 'MyeBay' page. Since we do not save your user tokens in our system there in nothing to do in your Love2Trade account.
    Here are the steps to revoke a token in your eBay account:
    • Log in to eBay
    • Go to My eBay
    • Under My Account, Click on Preferences
    • On the Preferences page, look for Third-party authorizations
    • Select Love2Trade to revoke the token
    • Click Apply
    Note that this does not affected any listings that you have imported previously to Love2Trade.

  • How does Love2Trade access my eBay account?
      Glad you asked!
    • After you've created a Love2Trade account, you simply tell us that you would like your listings imported from eBay. You will then be redirected to eBay's account verification page.
    • At this point you need to login to your eBay account to
      (a) Verify you are the owner of the listings you are trying to import.
      (b) Grant Love2Trade access to your eBay listings.
      This step is done on eBay's website and does not involve Love2Trade doing it on your behalf.
    • eBay will then redirect you back to Love2Trade, passing us back a user token that we will use to retrieve your eBay listings.
      This token is only used once and we do not save it in our system.
    • We will then download your listings from eBay and allow you to select which ones you want imported to Love2Trade.
    • Note that we do NOT have access to your eBay password, nor will we ever ask you for it. The account verification step is done on eBay's website with no involvment from Love2Trade

  • What information is imported from my eBay listing?
    • Step #1: Love2Trade will import the first 100 items from your eBay account, if you have more than 100 listings that you would like imported, please let us know and we will be glad to help out.
    • Step #2: For every listings we will import the following items:
      • Item's Name
      • Item's Description, any embedded flash presentations within your description is stripped out
      • Item's Quantity
      • Item's Price: eBay Reserved Price + Shipping Cost (If you are using a shipping calculator, shipping will be not be added to price, so you may need to edit that)
      • Item's Condition: 'Unknown' (You may want to change that)
      • Item's Category: We will attempt to match eBay's category with Love2Trade's existing categories (You may need to review that)
      • Item's Photos: The first 2 photos listed in your eBay account will be imported
      • Listing Date: Will be set as the date your items are imported
      • Listing end date: Will be 30 days from the listing date
    • Step #3: Your first 100 listings on eBay are imported for you to review. Next to each listing there will be a check box that you can use to select which listings you want imported to your Love2Trade account.
      At this point you can review and make any changes to the title, price, & quantity of any of the items.
    • Step #4: You are now done, you can simply click 'Import selected to Love2Trade'. This will queue the items you have selected for import. It usually takes anywhere between a few seconds to several minutes to import your listings depending on how many you have selected.

    • Note:
      Importing your eBay listings to Love2Trade creates an additional store for you to list your stuff. This does not update your listings as they change on your eBay account. This means that your inventory will not automatically update on Love2Trade.
      Payment Options & Address: You will need to update your payment options for your account in your profile.
      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • What about payment processing?
    Love2Trade is just a venue. We do not process any payment. You should consider Google Checkout or Paypal if you wish to accept online payments.

  • How much does it cost?
    How does free sound? Great does it! then it is!!

  • Great, I like it! now where can I start?
    Simply click here to start.

Trade Zones ▲ top
  • What are Trade Zones?
    A Trade Zone is a group of people who have something in common, they can live in a certain area, share a similar activity and so on. A Trade Zone provides a way to buy, sell, or trade items between members with similar interests.
    Any Love2Trade member can create a Trade Zone, forming a community of friends trading and selling stuff.
    When you create a zone you can simply customize it to show your group’s logo, as well as displaying the items listed by group's members.
    You can also
    • Specify whether a zone Requires Moderator Approval or not
    • Make memebership only possible through invites by existing zone members
    • Make it a private zone where other members won't see the zone listed when searching for trade zones
    Zone Moderator approves or rejects new members (if the zone is setup to require moderator approval).
    Once you are a zone member, you can start inviting your friends and family to your trade zone.
    To create your Trade zone, click here to be taken to the set-up page.
    For more information feel free to drop us a note.

  • Can I join more than one Trade Zone?
    Yes, absolutely! There is no limit on the number of Trade Zones you create or join.

  • Can I leave a Trade Zone once I've become a member?
    Yes, You can leave any Trade Zone at any time as long as you are not the moderator of that zone. However you can stop receiving news / emails from any Trade Zone.

Zone Talk ▲ top
  • What is a Zone Talk?
    Zone Talks connects you with other members to share questions, ideas, and views about different items available on Love2Trade.com. This helps you connect with other trade zone members to get knowledgeable answers and share comments.

  • Who can join in a Zone Talk?
    All visitors to Love2Trade.com can read any current talk but to participate you have to:
    • Have an active Love2Trade account
    • Be a member of that specific trade zone

  • What should I post?
    Please share with what you think will add to the conversation or will answer somebody else’s valid question. For example, you can:
    • Ask questions or ask for guidance from other members on who have made similar purchases / trades
    • Get advice when trading
    • Share your experience

  • What shouldn't I post?
    Please read our Content Policy section in our User Agreement. We ask that you always respect others & do not impersonate any another person. We recommend that you do not post your phone number or e-mail address.

  • How do I find and read a zone talk?
    On the Trade Zone pages, click on the name of the trade zone or on the link that says "Zone Talk".

  • What do I do if my message was deleted?
    We regularly investigate messages that have been reported as useless as violating our guidelines. If you feel your message was removed by mistake, let us know.

  • Do messages impact my Lifetime Ratings?
    Lifetime ratings are based on other trader’s ratings from completed trades only. Your messages, and the votes cast on them, do not impact Lifetime ratings.

My Account ▲ top
  • How can I change my profile information?
    You can do so by visiting My Profile located in the top right of any page.

  • How can I get to my public profile?
    You can do so by any of the following ways
    • Clicking "View Public Profile" located in My Profile page on the left.
    • Click on your username anywhere when it is displayed next to any of your posted ads.
    • In the address bar of your web browser type in [email protected]_USERNAME.aspx, you will need to replace YOUR_USERNAME with your login username ([email protected]).

  • How can I view all my posted ads?
    You can do so by clicking My Ads located in the top right of any page.
    You can then view your Current (Active) Ads, Pending Ads, Traded Ads, Inactive Ads, or Wanted Ads.
    Notice that only Current and Pending Ads are searchable by other members.
    Ads that you have purchased premium ad features for but have not yet paid, will be listed under Pending Ads. Premium features will not be enabled until a payment is received.

  • How can I view all my sent and received offers?
    You can do so by visiting My Offers located in the top right of any page.

  • My account has been locked, what do I do?
    Usually your account would be locked if you failed to abide with our policies. We take spam & fraud attempts very seriously. If you believe there has been a mistake please contact us.

Donations ▲ top
  • How does donations work?
    Love2Trade is a FREE service, members can list ads and start to buy, sell & trade for free; however just like putting an ad in the newspaper, you can make your ad more noticeable, upload additional photos or list your ad for a longer period of time for an additional fee.
    If you choose to purchase any of these additional features when posting an ad, Our current goal is to give 20% of this amount to various non-profit organizations and causes.
    As part of the checkout process you will be given the ability to select which of the organizations / causes you would like us to contribute to for that specific ad purchase, if you have no preference you can choose to let Love2Trade decide which organization the donation will go to.
    A donation will be made to one of the organizations we support based on their need.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.
    You can start by creating a new free account. If you already have an account you can start posting your ad.

  • Why donate on every paid posting?
    We have decided to donate a part of our revenue to charity, non-profit organizations & causes that we believe meet new & emerging needs in communities, nations, and the world. We believe that by supporting these organizations & causes we will be able to help others that might not be as fortunate as we.

  • Is that an extra fee I have to pay?
    Absolutely not, this is something that we choose to give back to charity, non-profit organizations & causes we choose to support from the amount we charge, it comes out of our revenue. The total amount that you see while checking out is the amount you will be charged, no hidden charges.

  • Can I suggest an organization that I think is a good fit?
    Absolutely, Please do by filling out this form.

  • What organizations & causes you currently support?
    You can view all supported organizations & causes by visiting this page.

  • How are payments made to an organization / cause?
    We'll send a check within approximately 30 days of the end of the month in which the donation balance reaches US$100, unless a payment hold exists or unless otherwise agreed to in writing (including email).

  • Is the amount donated by Love2Trade tax deductible?
    No, Unfortunately not.

Pricing, How much does it cost? ▲ top

We would like to offer all of our services free of charge. Unfortunately, like any other website, it does cost us money to run and to provide you with the best level of services.

At Love2Trade you can register, post ads, send offers & accept offers for free!
We do charge a small fee for extended ad listing duration & additional ad features that would help market your posted ad so its better noticed.

With FREE ads you get:

  • Post your ad in 1 categories
  • Ad title and description
  • You can upload 2 pictures in your ad
  • 2 week ad listing
  • Specify a min price for the ad to limit low offers (ex. If you list your car for $10,000 and you specify a minimum price of $8,000 you will not be receiving any offers from other members for less than $8,000. In the same time the $8,000 is not posted on the ad, so other members will not be able to see how much you are willing to negotiate)
  • Specify whether you want cash only or willing to accept trades.

With premium paid features, in addition to all the free features you get:

Feature Price
Highlight an Ad in search results [ View Sample ] None: $0.00
Light: $1.00
Add a border around your ad (You can then choose the border style) in search results [ View Sample ] None: $0.00
Thin: $0.50
Thick: $0.75
Make your ad appear in bold in search results [ View Sample ] $0.50
Promote your ad title in Featured Ads (Ads that show up on the first page of the website and several other pages) [ View Sample ] $2.00
Post a picture in search results as well as featured ads [ View Sample ] $1.00
Label your ad with an additional icon (over 35 icons to choose from) [ View Sample ] $0.00 None   $0.50 Raquet   $0.50 Color Wheel   $0.50 Cake   $0.50 Basketball   $0.50 Car   $0.50 Lorry   $0.50 Drink   $0.50 Tag   $0.50 Soccer   $0.50 Music   $0.50 Orange Asterisk   $0.50 Eye   $0.50 House   $0.50 Thumb Up   $0.50 Lightning   $0.50 CD   $0.50 Wrench   $0.50 Shuttlecock   $0.50 Calculator   $0.50 TV   $0.50 IPod   $0.50 Clock   $0.50 Computer   $0.50 Video Game   $0.50 Tennis   $0.50 Rainbow   $0.50 8 Ball   $0.50 Football   $0.50 Heart   $0.50 Sun   $0.50 Star   $0.50 Telephone   $0.50 Golf   $0.50 Gold Medal   $0.50 Book   
$0.00 None
$0.50 Raquet $0.50 Color Wheel $0.50 Cake
$0.50 Basketball $0.50 Car $0.50 Lorry
$0.50 Drink $0.50 Tag $0.50 Soccer
$0.50 Music $0.50 Orange Asterisk $0.50 Eye
$0.50 House $0.50 Thumb Up $0.50 Lightning
$0.50 CD $0.50 Wrench $0.50 Shuttlecock
$0.50 Calculator $0.50 TV $0.50 IPod
$0.50 Clock $0.50 Computer $0.50 Video Game
$0.50 Tennis $0.50 Rainbow $0.50 8 Ball
$0.50 Football $0.50 Heart $0.50 Sun
$0.50 Star $0.50 Telephone $0.50 Golf
$0.50 Gold Medal $0.50 Book
Extend the listing of your ad for upto 4 months (you get the first 2 weeks free) 2 weeks: $0.00
1 month: $3.00
2 months: $5.00
3 months: $7.00
4 months: $10.00
Upload upto 10 pictures for your ad (you get the first 2 pictures free) 4 Pictures: $0.00
5 Pictures: $0.75
6 Pictures: $1.25
7 Pictures: $1.50
8 Pictures: $2.00
9 Pictures: $2.50
10 Pictures: $3.00
We use ©Google Checkout for a secure checkout

Trading Reputation, How does it work? ▲ top
Trading Reputation is a combined view of the total lifetime ratings received by a member. It shows the percentage of Positive, Negative & Neutral feedback received from other members after a confirmed transaction.

Point System, How does it work? ▲ top
We use points to quantify how trustworthy a Love2Trade transaction is. The more points a member has, the better and more trustworthy they are.

Each member earns:
1 point When a member accepts an offer
1 point When either members confirm an offer
1 point When rated 'Neutral'
2 points When rated 'Positive'
Offer sender can get upto 3 points
1 point from confirming an offer
2 points from receiving a 'Positive' rating

Offer receiver can get upto 4 points
1 point from accepting an offer
1 point from confirming an offer
2 points from receiving a 'Positive' rating

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